Our councillors look back on 2015: Mayor Peter Blundell

What are your proudest moments as a councillor from 2015?

Without a doubt for me, one of the best things I've seen is the final creation of Destination Southern Downs.

Seeing some of the development that's going ahead has been great. The growth in the strawberry and chicken industries has also been exciting.

There's been some really good stuff and I think we need to concentrate on the good stuff.

What would have you liked to have done differently this year?

I would really have liked to have seen councillors working as a group in a unified fashion - to me that's been the biggest disappointment.

I don't think it's for a lack of understanding on how important that is; I think it's just been a position that some haven't been prepared to take and that's really frustrating as the mayor and leader of that elected group, and I have to take responsibility for that.

My one disappointment in my term as mayor is we haven't been a unified elected team. All of the other terms, certainly in the beginning of my local government terms in 1997, it was very obvious that people sat around the table with a desire to achieve community outcomes.

It's become quite obvious that it's become fractured and divided.

What would you like to see happen on the Granite Belt in 2016?

I would love to see business opportunities further developed across the Southern Downs.

One of the things I'm particularly passionate about is trying to develop job opportunities and career pathways for young and middle-aged people. Particularly those with young kids or entering the workforce.

I'm excited about some of the developments in our education facilities. Particularly the QCWT, working closely with the University of Southern Queensland. Some of the opportunities that are in front of us there are going to be really exciting.

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