Pair’s actions may have saved hit and run victim Jemal

IT was Lyndal and Malcolm Countryman's quick thinking that could have contributed to saving Jemal Lawton from coming within inches of death.

"We thought he was gone when we saw him," Lyndal said.

In the veil of darkness, the Koongal couple could barely see a man on Rockonia Road trying to flag down their car while they were driving home from a barbecue at 2.50am on Saturday.

Little did they know, a lifeless Jemal lay beside him, not moving an inch.

Nothing was visible in the dark. As far as Lyndal could see, there was hardly a drop of blood on the road. There was only a tiny amount of dense, red fluid trickling down the side of Jemal's face.

It was Lyndal who rolled Jemal onto his side.

Upon doing so, she found a pool of Jemal's blood blotching the bit of the road under his head.

She then tested for his pulse. She couldn't feel a beat because she struggled to feel the side of his neck properly.

Then, Jemal began to gargle the blood in his mouth. It was pooling at the back of his throat, she said.

"We thought, 'he's trying to breathe'... when we got him onto his side properly that's when he started to spit blood out of his mouth," she said.

Her husband Malcolm in the meantime had driven off to look for any suspicious cars in the area that could have been responsible for hitting Jemal, to no avail.

The man who flagged down Lyndal and her husband called the ambulance service and the officer on the other end guided Lyndal through a number of procedures before help arrived.

"They told me to clear his airways... I took off my shirt and cleared the blood from his mouth," she said.

Before Jemal was airlifted to Brisbane, Lyndal and her husband paid their respects to the 17-year-old and decided to give his family a well-wishes card for the young man they helped earlier that morning.

"We wanted to wish Jemal well and let his family know we are thinking of them all," she said.

Yesterday, Jemal's parents politely declined to speak to the Bulletin. It's believed Jemal's mum, dad and little brother were among the family members by his side.

He remained in a critical condition.

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