Palmer to push for inquiry into QLD Government "activities"

THE Palmer United Party will push for an inquiry into the Queensland Government's "activities" once it holds the balance of power in the Senate this July.

Party leader and Fairfax MP Clive Palmer also has made it clear he intends to block proposed changes to pensions, doctor and medical treatment co-payments, debt tax and social security payments to young people flagged in the Federal Budget last week.

Mr Palmer called for a Senate select committee to carry out "a comprehensive and detailed investigation into the activities of the Newman Government" during a Queensland Media Club lunch in Brisbane on Monday.

He attacked the Queensland Government's anti-bikie legislation, state debt, asset sales and labelled the new Crime and Corruption Commission as the "Newman Gestapo".

Mr Palmer also questioned putting private money into schools and hospitals.

But he denied the move was about politics.

"Queensland has a bitter experience in the past with corruption and centralised influence of politicians," he said.

"Such a committee when appointed would conduct public hearings at every major centre of Queensland so the people of this state will know that what's been happening in the past two or three years and why.

"The inquiry is really about the Senate saying that we'll listen to what the people have got to say.

"If there was a senate inquiry it would be for our people to present our information and other Queenslanders to do the same and for them to make a determination on it."

Mr Palmer said the Newman Government was critical of him "because there are things there to hide".

"They're worried we'll make these things public in the lead up to the election which we probably will," he said.

A spokesman from Premier Campbell Newman's office said: "Mr Palmer's only interest is self-interest".

"The latest instalment in Mr Palmer's increasingly erratic- but as usual unsubstantiated- claims again shows he wants to use his political power to settle personal scores," she said.

Mr Palmer also attacked the Federal Budget, arguing the debt crisis was a myth created for political gain.

"We're going to stop Tony Abbott doing a number of things in the Senate," he said.

"We won't support in the Senate any change to the current pension scheme.

"The doctor's co-payment; if you're on a pension or in a disadvantaged position, having access to a doctor is extremely important.

"Even if we had a debt crisis we shouldn't be abandoning our old people.

"The next measure we'll be opposing in the Senate is waiting six months for government support on the dole when you leave school.

"I've spoken to (Opposition Leader) Bill Shorten, the Greens and others. They agree with us that none of these measures will be introduced by the Abbott Government."

Mr Palmer said the fight between the Federal Government and the states over cuts to hospital and education funding was "manufactured" ahead of upcoming elections.

He said Prime Minister Tony Abbott would come through with the money just before the election in a move designed to boost their popularity.

Mr Palmer said he hoped to reintroduce zonal taxation to give people incentives to live in the regions.

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