Parkway Drive rock Byron High

LOCAL Heroes Parkway Drive rocked the stage at Byron Bay High School on Thursday night.

What began as a compilation of heavy acts and international pop-punk bands ended as a typical hardcore show of which Byron fans just can’t seem to get enough.

Parkway Drive’s homecoming attracted a massive turnout and, with the second Parkway Drive DVD being filmed on this tour, the crowd went crazy in for a show unlikely to be forgotten.

Byron Bay hardcore has always been known as being different from the rest but this stunning visual performance took it to the next level.

From the usual rubber boats and surfboard stage dives to shark suits and the odd streaker, it was a show well worth capturing on film.

Also on the all-star bill were Ohio’s heaviest Miss May, who exceeded everyone’s expectations and pumped up the crowd for the main act.

The odd band out was supposedly Philadelphia punk rockers, The Wonder Years. However, they put on an amazing show that gave the night a different flavour, as well as everything the punk rockers wanted.

Although this is likely the final Parkway Drive homecoming date for the year as they head over to Europe in the coming months, it was an unforgettable night for every single person there.

The crowd gave it everything they had and brought a new level of madness to the high school, with some of the biggest stage dives around, leaving everyone looking forward to the release of the DVD, where they can relive all the memories over and over.

Parkway Drive - Byron Bay’s biggest export

Parkway Drive have become huge in the past year.

They have sold out 10,000 plus shows, multiple worldwide headlining tours and had gold and platinum record sales .

Band members

Ben Gordon - drums (Since 2002)

Luke Kilpatrick - guitar (Since 2002)

Jeff Ling - guitar (Since 2002)

Winston McCall - vocals (Since 2002)

Jia O'Connor - bass guitar (Since 2006)


Studio albums

Killing with a Smile (2005, Epitaph Records)

Horizons (2007, Epitaph Records)

Deep Blue (2010, Epitaph Records)


Don't Close Your Eyes (2004, Resist Records)


Parkway Drive: The DVD (2009, Epitaph Records)

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