Peter Wiggins follows God’s word, that civil unions should be between a man and woman.
Peter Wiggins follows God’s word, that civil unions should be between a man and woman. Emma Channon

Pastor slams gay marriage

WHEN news from New York about gay marriage reached the ears of Peter Wiggins, he felt strongly enough to write a public letter in protest.

The Wesleyan Methodist Church pastor, who lives his life according to the Bible, wrote to the Daily News to voice his opinion on homosexuality and marriage.

“God made us and he has ordained that marriage is the only situation in which sexual activity should take place, and that should be between man and woman,” he said.

“All human behaviour which is contrary to what God says, the Bible calls sin. We can be forgiven though and be given the power to live a different lifestyle.”

Asked whether he considered it taking away human rights, he said it was more a matter of following what the Creator said.

While some may label Mr Wiggins out of touch, there is no denying the pastor is steadfast in his belief. He said homosexuals – he doesn’t use the term gays because “that word has been ‘hijacked’” – have all got a choice to “move away from that lifestyle”.

“I believe we all make choices and homosexuals make choices too,” he said.

“For me it comes back to the Bible all the time – they don’t accept that authority. I’m just the messenger.”

Mr Wiggins made it clear he does not hate the gay community; just disapproves of their lifestyle. He said he had come into contact with gay and lesbian people throughout his life and would be happy to speak with others to help guide them.

As to whether marriage should be made legal between two men or two women, he vehemently opposes such an idea.

“Why don’t they just say this is a homosexual relationship? God has defined what marriage is.”

This view was strongly opposed by one Warwick man.

The homosexual business owner said there was such animosity towards the local gay community, he feared for his business if his name was published.

“Would anyone announce they’re gay? I know I’ve had people say things to me (about it),” he said.

“I have to guard my business close to my heart. Warwick is a redneck town and I don’t mean that in a bad way. But one word about it and I’ll go broke.”

The resident, who has lived in Warwick for about 10 years, vented his frustration over the stigma attached to homosexuality.

“We’re just normal people. Sadly, I think a lot of people equate homosexuality with pedophilia and they’re worried about their children,” he said.

“They don’t know the difference – a lot of it is about lack of education.”

The businessman said being gay in Warwick was vastly different from metropolitan areas such as Brisbane.

“When you’re in country towns people are very, very conservative. They know it happens, but don’t talk about it,” he said.

“People’s sexual preference should be of no concern to anyone else. It’s no one else’s business and shouldn’t matter – as long as you’re not pushing someone’s face in it.”

Letter by Peter Wiggins

The editor,

There is much discussion currently about 'marriage,' especially with the numbers in the Senate about to change. Australian Law defines marriage as "a union between one man and one woman to the exclusion of all others, voluntarily entered into for life." Does the alleged 'popular' demand for this to be changed warrant tampering with that which has long provided a stable foundation for male/female relationships, the family and our children's lives? Sadly, the question is that is so often avoided is - "Who instituted marriage?" If it is merely a man-made institution then arguably man can change it to suit himself and his latest mood or opinion. And then the committed terms of 'husband' and 'wife' can be replaced by the euphemisms - 'de facto', 'partner', 'engaged', 'an item' and 'a couple'. God's Word - the Bible - clearly reveals that Almighty God, the Creator, made mankind in His own image and likeness. He created Adam and Eve, a male and a female, uniting them in marriage to provide complementary companionship and propagate the human race (Gen. 1:27,28;2:22-25). The Holy God who created the universe ordained marriage for the benefit and blessing of mankind - but only between a man and woman. And the Creator who made us knows what is best for us and clearly outlaws, condemns and does not recognise any other union or partnership - no matter what government and political parties decide or our society tolerates. God plainly states that those living in any 'relationship' outside of the marriage covenant He created cannot expect his blessing and will not inherit the kingdom of God (1Cor.6:9;Gal.5:19-21). At our peril we sin and rebel against our loving Creator by disobeying his commands and rejecting his purposes. We must not be blind to the devil's deceptions and lies. His aim is to ruin our lives. But the good news for all of us - for we are 'all' sinners - is that Jesus died on the cross in our place and for our sins. He willingly gave his life for us, as our substitute, so that we can be forgiven for every sin and receive the gift of eternal life and escape the eternal torments of hell that we so rightly deserve (John3:16; Rom.3:23-26), All who by God's grace repent, receive Jesus and forsake their sinful living will be saved and be sure of heaven(Acts3:19-21) - what wonderful and underserved gifts! Today we can be different, changed by the power of God, and live a life pleasing to Jesus Christ our only Saviour and Lord. Let's stand up and be counted for our loving God's plan for society which is always best - for the sanctity of marriage, the family and for our precious children's welfare.

Peter Wiggins

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