'Out of comfort zone': mum's modelling success

JUGGLING three children under the age of four isn't stopping this Gladstone woman from achieving her dreams.

Patience McDonell is a finalist in Miss Multiverse Australia 2017, a personality contest and reality television program.

Patience McDonell is this week's Girl Friday. 
Photo Luka Kauzlaric / The Observer
Patience McDonell is this week's Girl Friday. Photo Luka Kauzlaric / The Observer Luka Kauzlaric

The 23-year-old said the contest is something completely new to her, but she loves a challenge.

"I haven't been in a prestigious pageant before so it's something completely out of my comfort zone," Ms McDonell said.

"It's exactly what I want to do, what I dream of doing is getting to nationals and representing Australia."

Placing as a regional finalist, the young model has six months of fundraising and public appearances ahead, with Miss Multiverse watching every move.

"You have to do one or two public appearances a month for six months ... they're always watching my social media," she said. "It's very daunting and exciting at same time."

Miss Multiverse is a competition that seeks women who are independent and strong who seek life changing experiences who are multi-faceted, multi-talented and multi-skilled.

Ms McDonell said the show will be broadcast internationally through programs such as Apple TV later in the year.

"It's in Asia Pacific and America, that area is where it's at at the moment and they're bringing it here," she said.

"It's for multiverse, multi talented woman. They're looking for inspiring women, educated women, bold women, ones that aren't afraid to go out and achieve their dreams and want to make it happen."

Changing her daughter's nappy while being interviewed, multi tasking comes easily for Ms McDonell.

Thankful for the support from family and friends, Ms McDonell said her son starts Prep this year, so she'll be able to get out and do more things.

Ms McDonell said she has been modelling since 2005 where she placed first in a hair modelling competition.

"You feel like you're on top of the world, you feel like a million dollars," she said.

"When I'm out on stage I don't think of anything else besides where I am and what I'm doing. It's an amazing feeling."

Ms McDonell will be holding a model search on April 15 in Gladstone as a fundraising event.

"It's something I've always something I wanted to do ... I'm striving for success."

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