Keep calm, Perth's Ebola patient given all clear

A PATIENT suspected of carrying the Ebola virus has been cleared by a Perth hospital.

A spokeswoman for the West Australian health department said the patient has now been released from hospital.

"The patient has been released from quarantine and is no longer a suspected case of Ebola.  No further information will be released about the patient," she said.

The Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital has treated two people this yea rwho have arrived from Ebola-affected countries and been tested after showing a fever, or "febrile illnesses".

"Both cases were quickly confirmed to have an alternative diagnosis and given appropriate treatment for that condition," she said.


Patient being tested for Ebola in Perth hospital

A PERTH hospital is testing its second patient in two weeks who have presented with symptoms of the deadly Ebola virus.

A spokeswoman for Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital said this was not the first time the hospital had tested for the disease.

The previous tests all returned negative.

She said all appropriate precautions were being taken until the patient is properly diagnosed.

In a statement, she said the WA is working closely with other states and health networks to ensure all possible risks are considered.

The risk of people with Ebola virus arriving in Australia remain "very low", she said.


Read the full statement from Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital below:

"The hospital can confirm it has one patient who is currently being tested for Ebola and appropriate precautions are being taken until the patient's illness is diagnosed.

For reasons of patient confidentiality, no further information can be provided about the patient.

It is important to note that WA is collaborating closely with other states and territories, and the Commonwealth, via the Communicable Diseases Network Australia, to ensure a coordinated risk assessment and response to Ebola virus disease in Australia.

At present, the risk of people with Ebola virus disease travelling to Australia is considered to be very low. 

Even if travellers from West Africa did develop Ebola virus disease after arrival in WA, or elsewhere in Australia, our standard of care and infection control is such that once the disease was diagnosed there would be a very low risk of transmission to other persons."

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