The 2013 Warwick floods.
The 2013 Warwick floods. Contributed

Pensioner lives in fear of floods

A FITZROY St resident spoke about constantly "living in fear", just hours before she and her neighbours were evacuated from their unit block on Monday.

The aged pensioner, who resides in the council-owned unit block across from Steele's Bakery said she was fearful of reliving the 2010 and 2011 floods whenever it started to rain.

"I have been worried about it flooding since last time and I wanted to get a petition to say we should be moved," she said.

"I am living in fear.

"Every time there is heavy rain you are uneasy and scared it is going to happen again."

The woman said she was grateful for the support Southern Downs Regional Council staff offered the residents during times of flooding.

Several residents of the unit block had to be forcibly removed this week after refusing to leave their properties when floodwaters were lapping at their doorsteps.

Another resident said despite the previous flood being dubbed a rare event, he knew it would not be his last.

"When you get a real drought and a heatwave you have to get a flood to break it," he said.

"They said it would never happen again and I said 'yes, it will'."

The octogenarian pensioner said he hoped council would make plans to relocate the pensioners to higher ground permanently.

"I lost everything last time and you start to be fearful of heavy rain," he said.

A council spokeswoman said the decision to evacuate the residents was a precautionary measure and their property would be stored in a secure location.

She said the residents were encouraged to seek refuge with family and friends or were offered accommodation at WIRAC as an alternative.

Residents began moving back into their homes yesterday and carpet cleaners were on hand to help with the mess.

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