Pomeranian puppies at Top of Town Pets rug up for the first day of winter.
Pomeranian puppies at Top of Town Pets rug up for the first day of winter. Rob Williams

Pups cute and cosy for winter

PET owners are being urged to rug up their animals this winter with the average Ipswich temperature forecast to drop to seven degrees within a month.

Today is the first day of winter and the owner of Top of Town Pets Kerry McCoombes said it was important to remember that not just us human who felt the seasonal chill.

“If your dog is outside at midnight during the winter it will be shivering just as any human would,” Ms McCoombes said.

“The cold in winter can cause domestic pets to develop arthritis.

“Older dogs are particularly vulnerable.

“Cold temperatures can be very bad for a dog’s bones.”

The Pomeranians pictured are wearing fitted wool jackets available in most pet shops.

“Jackets are a great idea and they can be fitted for most dogs.”

Thankfully this winter is predicted to be dry and feature similar minimum temperatures to last year.

Weather Channel forecaster Dick Whitaker said July would be the coldest month in Ipswich this year.

“July will see the average minimum temperature drop to seven degrees,” he said.

“The season as a whole will be similar to last year’s.

“The maximum temperatures will be in the low-20s.

“July will also have the lowest maximum temperatures with 21.1 degrees.”

Mr Whitaker said rainfall would ease significantly in the coming weeks.

“Rainfall in Ipswich will be low across the three months, which will be great news to those who are doing it tough because of the floods in that region,” he said.

“The conditions throughout winter will be quite normal.

“There will be one or two storms as there has been across the south-east this week.

“But conditions will be mild.”

Next Tuesday will be Ipswich’s first taste of a real winter.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicted the city’s temperature would drop to four degrees on June 7 with a max of 21 degrees.

The minimum temperature for most of next week will be between four and seven degrees in the Ipswich region.

Mr Whitaker said the best news for Ipswich residents was the death of La Nina.

La Nina was the weather pattern responsible for the incredible deluge of rain during the summer months.

It is the opposite of El Nino and occurs when the sea surface temperature across the equatorial Eastern Central Pacific Ocean is lower than normal by three to five degrees.

“La Nina caused a lot of havoc to Ipswich people throughout summer, but thankfully it is a dying trend,” he said.

“That was one of the strongest La Nina events we have seen on record and it really was out of the ordinary,” he said.


  • June average minimum temperature 8.2 degrees. Average maximum temperature 21.5 degrees.
  • July average minimum temperature 7.0 degrees. Average maximum temperature 21.1 degrees.
  • August average minimum temperature 7.6 degrees. Average maximum temperature 22.8 degrees.

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