The mess found in the roof of the O'Fire's rental property in Maryvale.
The mess found in the roof of the O'Fire's rental property in Maryvale. Contributed

Family evicted after pigeons infest rental property

ONE Maryvale family has been evicted from their rental home by their landlord after making a complaint about the large amount of pigeon poo in their roof space.

Angel O'Fire, her partner Craig and their son only moved in to the rental home, which they rented from a private landlord, in March.

"One of the rooms with tongue and groove ceiling has a gap where some of the s**t had been dropping into the house," Ms O'Fire said.

"It couldn't be ignored."

Ms O'Fire's partner pulled out the ladder to investigate the problem last week.

"He found the roof was full of flying vermin droppings," she said.

"It was about two inches thick.

"The ceiling above the kitchen, right in the middle of the area covered in (droppings), had been replaced.

"There is no way the rest of the ceiling had not been noticed."

Pigeon droppings were not the only problem, with Mr O'Fire also discovering pigeon eggs in the ceiling.

Ms O'Fire said their landlord did not offer any assistance when they informed them of the problem.

"After mentioning it to the landlord all she replied with was the pigeons came from the house next door," she said.

"However when we mentioned the pigeons to the owner next door, she said they came from the house we were in."

Mr O'Fire said he attempted to clean-up the mess.

"I start vacuuming it up with my commercial vacuum cleaner," he said.

"It filled it four times and only cleared about one square metre."

As the landlord was not offering any assistance Ms O'Fire said she placed a complaint with the Southern Downs Regional Council.

A council spokeswoman said an environmental services officer had inspected the property.

"The owner will be required to rectify the situation, and council will take further action if the premises are not bought up to the standards required by the Public Health Act," she said.

Ms O'Fire said she was impressed with the quick response from the council, but did not expect it to lead to her and her family being evicted.

Luckily the family were able to find another rental property in Maryvale.

The Daily News was unable to contact the landlord prior to publication.

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