Plan lifts lid on aged sewerage network

IF HERITAGE listing were to be taken to the ultimate extreme then Warwick's antiquated sewerage system would fit the bill.

Councillors will, at their meeting in Stanthorpe today, consider a draft report on the region's wastewater network, some of the mains dating back as far as the 1940s and some lagoons to the 1920s.

While most urban dwellers prefer not to think about what happens after they flush the loo, ratepayers are set to face large budget allocations in the years to come for maintenance and upgrades.

The draft plan lifts the lid on a range of current and past dramas with sewer mains and related infrastructure, showing that more than a third of the wastewater network in towns across the region is either in poor condition and will need to be renewed "in the short to medium term" at a likely cost of up to $27 million.

The report also advises council that 3% of the network - alone worth $3.6m - is "in very poor condition and may be at risk of imminent failure".

Common problems encountered by council staff include sewer pipe blockages, leaks and bursts, odour complaints from householders and business and sewage overflows. Other nasties lurking beneath Warwick's roads include tree root and stormwater intrusions into sewer mains and poor pump performance including shutdowns at key pump stations

Of particular concern is the sewer main running from Pratten St to Rose and Victoria sts and Horsman Rd is tipped to overflow in a "one to five year storm" due to its "inadequate capacity".

For the past financial year, 55 of all maintenance expenditure was "reactive" as opposed to "planned".

See the full report at

Extract Warwick Daily News Thursday, July 27, 1933

On behalf of the Warwick Town Council, Mr G P Barnes, MLA, will make representations in Brisbane this afternoon for an advance of £60,000 out of the government's intended appropriations for the current year for the sewerage of the town of Warwick.

The condition attaching to the loan portion is that it must be repaid within 30 years.

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