Scheme back for a second viewing

IT WILL guide development in your backyard and your neighbourhood, and now is your chance to look at Southern Downs Regional Council’s proposed planning scheme.

The planning scheme has been three years in the making and includes more than a dozen zones, some completely new to both the Warwick and Stanthorpe areas.

Issues such as building in a rural area, subdividing in a rural area and urban dwelling styles are examples of some of the areas tackled in the proposed scheme.

The new rural residential zone is one major change but the creation of a residential living and residential choice category in Warwick’s urban area could also change the make up of your neighbourhood.

The Daily News met with council’s manager of strategic planning, Jeanette Davis, earlier this week to find out about drop-in sessions the planning department has organised for residents and landholders gauge how they will be impacted.

Though the scheme has been workshopped with both the public and the council, the draft was sent to State Government, which then made its own adjustments.

Now it goes out to the public, which has until September 16 to make a submission.

“It’s not set in concrete yet,” Ms Davis said.

“But it’s far enough along that people can find out what is proposed for their block of land.”

Sessions are being held all through August and the beginning of September throughout the region for people to talk to a town planner about the scheme.

An issue that will raise questions, particularly in the south of the region, is the suggested change of the minimum rural lot size from 20 hectares to 100 hectares. This means landholders with properties of less than 100 hectares will not be able to subdivide. Council had originally suggested the minimum lot size should be 40 hectares but State Government asked for it to be 100 hectares.

It’s for this reason Ms Davis stressed the importance of providing feedback now.

Every submission to the council has to be considered and a response given to it before a summary report is sent back to the State Government.

The results of the flood inquiry could also affect the planning scheme and will be taken into consideration.

The Daily News will analyse the proposed planning scheme and further explain its contents in Friday’s edition, as well as print details of the drop-in sessions.

A drop-in session is being held in Warwick Council office today between 9am and 4pm.

View the planning scheme at council offices or visit

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