Gillard narrowly avoids egging

A DESCENDANT of the culprits of The Warwick Egg Incident was bemused by yesterday's news Prime Minister Julia Gillard narrowly avoided a good yolking herselfyesterday.

Bernie Brosnan, of Ray White Rural in Warwick, is related to brothers Pat and Bart Brosnan, who 90-or-so years ago, pelted Prime Minister Billy Hughes with eggs at the Warwick Railway Station to protest against World War I conscription.

One egg narrowly missed the PM while the other hit him and knocked off his hat.

Bernie's grandfather was first cousins with the duo.

“I see the tradition is still alive and strong,” he told the Daily News, chuckling.

“It's interesting to see. I can't say it's likely she'll be making a trip to Warwick now that this has happened.

“I think it's something in Warwick's history we can be proud of.”

And it's something Warwick is most definitely proud of, with a plaque erected outside the railway station to remember the incident and anniversary events frequently held over the years.

The 1917 egg-throwing incident angered Hughes, and what he believed to be incompetency by Queensland Police led him to create the Commonwealth Police Force, a precursor to the Australian Federal Police.

Fast forward to 2010 and Julia Gillard, with the reflexes of a cat, dodged a stray egg when entering the ABC studios in Perth.

She now joins the likes of Hughes, British National Party leader Nick Griffin, British PM David Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Unfortunately a female security officer copped the yolk with the egg hitting her on the back.

Western Australia police have reportedly charged a 55-year-old man for the incident.

Gillard said she had no idea what the protest was about, however earlier in the day she was shouted at by two protesters about her immigration policy.

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