VIDEO footage has emerged of a Queensland police officer engaged in a furious, expletive-laden exchange with a resident at a property in St George.

Samantha Edwards, who was involved in the incident, filmed the verbal altercation on her phone before sharing the footage to her Facebook page.

The video, which was taken in December 2017, starts with Ms Edwards swearing at two officers who were addressing her outside her home.

From there the situation escalates as the officers become enraged by her conduct.

One officer can be heard asking : "Would you like me to drag you back to the f***ing station?" to which Ms Edwards says she is filming.

The officer then shouts : "Now you're on my f***ing list. If your name comes up one more time I'm going to drag you through the f***ing mud."

A spokesperson from the St George police department said the matter is still under investigation, and the Queensland Police Service has issued a statement saying they are aware of the situation and are reviewing the incident.

Samantha Edwards. Photo: Facebook
Samantha Edwards. Photo: Facebook

In an interview with the Balonne Beacon, Ms Edwards said her lawyer is helping her to lodge a complaint with authorities.

The video on the Facebook post has had more than 4000 views and sparked a flurry of comments.

At least one person defended the officer involved, saying he was "actually one of the nicest police officers about".

Ms Edwards responded by acknowledging that officers had a hard job to do but "these lists have to go".

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