Felines catnapped from pound

POLICE are investigating what could have been Rockhampton's purr-fect crime or a cat-astrophe, depending on your point of view.

The city's animal pound was attacked by cat burglars yesterday. And they made off with five felines.

The raid follows a similar break-in on Saturday when eight moggies were nabbed and begs the question – who is stealing strays and cast-offs?

RSPCA inspector Lawrie Stageman says if it is someone liberating the animals from death row – impounded cats and dogs are destroyed after three days if they are not claimed – then he does not support that action.

“This is the wrong way to go. The council has a re-homing program and it does no one good to break the law and cause wilful damage,” he said.

Cr Tony Williams, who chairs the committee which runs the pound, said his main concern was the safety of staff and security.

“If people are so determined that they are going to break in and steal animals it is something we are going to have to consider in the future.”

He said a new multi-million-dollar animal pound, currently in the planning stage, would be much better protected and would have CCTV surveillance.

Detectives are believed to be purr-suing a theory that the same raider is responsible – a serial cat collector anxious not to lose any of her brood.

Scenes of crime officers were surveying the damage at the Quay St compound yesterday. Council officials said the burglar had smashed a number of padlocks to gain access to the cat cages, but there was no other damage and no attempt to release any dogs.

Nothing else was stolen.

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