Constable Kirstyn Lister and Senior Constable David Kinsley assess the Wood and Albion St intersection.
Constable Kirstyn Lister and Senior Constable David Kinsley assess the Wood and Albion St intersection. Candyce Braithwaite

Potential death trap needs a fix

A VAN up on two wheels heading straight for a pedestrian waiting to cross the road at the corner of Albion and Wood Sts is just one of many near-misses Andrew Gale has witnessed.

The van was cutting up the inside of a turning truck, clipped the kerb and was lucky enough to land back on all four wheels.

The Warwick and District Road Safety committee secretary and AG Licensing owner Mr Gale has had enough of the intersection.

"It's obvious that no-one pays attention to the markings that are already at the corner," Mr Gale said.

"People don't take notice of what is going on around them either. The road safety committee has been lobbying hard for something to be done here and still nothing."

Mr Gale said Main Roads needed to be "realistic".

"The road toll for Queensland this year is already at 31," he said.

"That's the worst start to the road toll in 15 years.

"We are a concerned community group trying to do something for the benefit of the community."

On May 13, 2004 a Warwick Traffic Management Study was released by the Department of Transport and Main Roads.

The report stated Main Roads had completed additional channelisation and direction signage at Wood and Albion St intersection to improve legibility of the highway route turning west from Albion into Wood sts.

The report also proposed traffic signals, optimised signal timing and widening of Wood St to accommodate large vehicles.

It suggested directional signage was provided on each of the approaches to the intersection, but the signs are located on the footpaths and can be missed due to the multi-lane situation and the visual noise of the urban environment.

The report said it was important that motorists select the correct lane when required to turn at an intersection so signs need to be prominent.

The proposed construction of medians provided space for signs, but in the meantime cantilevering signs over the approach lanes would improve their prominence.

The report continued to say consistent destinations need to be displayed so motorists can follow the continuity of their required route through Warwick.

Additional local destinations and information could be added at specific locations to assist guidance of visitors.

A DTMR spokesman said they were monitoring the intersection.

"The 2010 review of the Warwick Traffic Management Study updated previous strategies to address existing and anticipated traffic needs along the national highway network through the city," the spokesman said.

"These recommendations are designed to be implemented in stages as funding becomes available.

"Despite the high number of vehicles that travel through this intersection, our latest available data indicates three reported crashes have occurred at this intersection between 2006 and 2010.

"A traffic behaviour-monitoring camera is installed at this intersection to allow us to monitor traffic movements and manage any congestion or incidents."

Daily News reader Leah Reeves said she had witnessed many near misses at the intersection.

"The amount of times I've seen cars undercut trucks there is amazing," she said.

"It is clearly stated on the back of trucks 'do not overtake turning vehicle' - people need to learn the law."

Jarrid Bartley said there were too many people not following the rules.

"I have lost count of the number of people cutting across from the right hand lane halfway around the corner into the left lane towards me," he said.

"People need to slow down and think about what they are doing."

The Daily News understands that Main Roads had applied for preliminary funding in 2009 for the bypass but were not successful.

Do the issues at the Wood and Albion St intersection mean that the option of a heavy vehicle by pass should be re-visited?

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