COMMENT: Preferential poll makes for election talking point

IT MAY still be a little more than six months away, but already the Southern Downs Regional Council election is starting to take shape.

As potential candidates from across the Southern Downs weigh up their options, the race to the poll is becoming clearer and clearer by the day.

We know it will be a full postal vote, which is a win for the council on one front.

But the decision to make the mayoral vote preferential has raised a few eyebrows.

There are a number of people within the council who don't support the move.

Preferential voting for mayor is unchartered territory for voters on the Southern Downs.

Many are looking to the outcomes of preferential voting in the last Federal Senate elections with fear - fear that a candidate without a majority could be our next mayor.

Whether a group of less popular candidates can hijack the vote and back another candidate is yet to be seen, but there's no guarantee it won't be a scenario voters face at the next election.

As the election draws nearer there could well be candidates who urge people to "just vote one".

Where mayoral candidates shift their preferences will be of great interest in the lead up to the election.

It could very well be the biggest talking point of the election.

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