Angry mother threatened to 'cut open' pregnant girl

A MOTHER has defended threatening to "cut open" her son's pregnant girlfriend because she believes he is not the father of the woman's unborn child.

The 40-year-old Warwick woman made several calls to her son's girlfriend on January 27 and February 14 this year and used obscene language and threatened to harm the woman and her child.

The Warwick Magistrates Court yesterday heard the woman left two messages for the pregnant woman in January and threatened to "cut her guts open" to get the child for a DNA test.

She also threatened to cut the young woman's throat.

A little over a month later, the woman called her son's girlfriend again and was heard by witnesses to make similar threats against the woman and her unborn child.

During her court appearance yesterday, the seemingly agitated woman admitted knowing she had broken the law, but showed no remorse.

"I am a mother who loves my child dearly and I will not see my children hurt," she told the court.

"I admit I have broken your law, but I will stand by my children."

The woman said she had been the sole carer of her now adult son all his life and was not prepared to let his girlfriend take advantage of him.

"I am not going to let someone deliberately take the rest of his life away from him because of a lie and because she doesn't have the decency to do the right thing," she said.

"There are plenty of other prospects out there that could be the father, but my son will stand by her regardless. That's what kind of person he is."

The court heard the woman's son was still in a relationship with his pregnant girlfriend.

Magistrate Graham Lee warned the woman on the severity of her actions.

"I do not think these offences are trivial by any stretch of the imagination," he said.

"You realise there are other options available to determine the heritage of the child."

The 40-year-old woman, who has no prior criminal history, pleaded guilty to two charges of using a carriage service to make threats to cause serious harm.

She was placed on a $300 good behaviour bond for 12 months and no conviction was recorded against her.

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