Primary school seeks safe zone along Percy St

A REQUEST from St Mary's Primary school has led the Southern Downs Regional Council to consider introducing a school zone along Percy St.

The council received the request to make Percy St between the Guy and Palmerin Sts roundabouts a 40kmh school zone from school representatives who said they were concerned about the safety of students.

St Mary's does already have a school zone in place on Palmerin St between Wood and Percy Sts, as well as a pedestrian crossing and an underpass.

Manager of works maintenance Chris Whitaker said the extension would cover most of the school along Percy St.

"The existing zone for Warwick Central is an all day zone from 7am-4pm," he wrote in the council report.

"The proposed school zone extension will need to be consistent with the existing school zone times.

"Appropriate signage from both legs of Acacia Avenue will also be required in this proposed extended zone."

Mr Whitaker said close to $6000 would be needed to paint a new school zone sign on the road.

The idea of extending the shared zone sparked a bit of debate on the Daily News Facebook page with the majority of people for the extension.

Sarah Williams said it was long overdue.

"Definitely needed, can't believe it isn't already in place," she said.

"It's a very, very busy area at school time and so dangerous."

Jessica Baker agreed: "What a great idea, so dangerous there at school times."

Michelle Wright said it was a good idea.

"But I wish they would consider all schools evenly," she said.

"Every child's life is precious, not just St Mary's students.

"They need to reconsider some of the other ideas they have put into place around other schools, take off their rose coloured glasses, and face reality where a lot of the other schools are concerned."

But the school zone is not the only safety measure proposed by the school which has also asked the council to look at making Acacia Avenue a one-way street, between Percy and Wood Sts.

Mr Whitaker has suggested the councillors consider putting in place a left-hand only turn from Acacia Avenue onto Percy St, but said the council would need to consult with the residents before putting any changes in place.

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