250 suffer food poisoning from school principal conference

THE reach of a food poisoning outbreak in Brisbane is now spanning most of the state, with 250 people now suffering "gastro-intestinal symptoms" after attending a conference for school principals.

The Sunshine Coast is the worst hit with 34 cases.

The Darling Downs has reported 30 cases, Rockhampton and the Wide Bay region each have 18 and Mackay has three.

On Tuesday, Queensland Health's Dr Jeannette Young said salmonella was the most likely cause -- which generally arises from, "poor-cooked meat, poultry and eggs".

Here are the figures on those affected across the state:

Public Health Unit

Reports of gastro-intestinal issues after Brisbane conference on Feb 26-27 



Darling Downs


Gold Coast




Metro North


Metro South




Sunshine Coast




Wide Bay


West Moreton


Total number





Principals sent to sick bay after mass salmonella outbreak

THE Department of Health has confirmed about 175 school principals have fallen ill following a food poisoning outbreak at a conference centre in Brisbane.

Of these, 24 people have required hospitalisation.

Department of Health chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said they believed the illness was from salmonella, which principals likely caught were at a conference at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

She said the Department was alerted on Sunday that a number of people had fallen sick.

Dr Young said they were working with the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre to work out what food on the menu which could have caused the sickness.

"We'll just have to work through and see what people ate," she said.

"The usual causes for salmonella infections are poor-cooked meat, poultry and eggs. They are the usual causes.

"Of course you can get transmission from person to person but given there are so many people unwell we think it's probably related to the food they all shared."

The Department of Health could not confirm where the 175 school principals were from.

"This was a gathering of principals from across the state," Dr Young said.

"Principals from everywhere so people have gone back and it's popping up around the state."

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