Push for mines to fix road damage across Queensland

CENTRAL Queensland councils are pushing for new regulations to force mining and coal seam gas companies to pay for road damage caused by their operations across the state.

The push, by Isaac Regional Council, was endorsed by the CQ Local Government Association and is up for debate at the state conference for councils.

It was one of several motions put forward by CQ councils at the Local Government Association of Queensland's annual conference to help deal with the impact of mining on regional communities.

Isaac Regional Council found a weakness in the State Government's Local Government Act, where the laws allow for compensation for damage to roads but no regulation was in place to actually enforce the laws.

Mines may have to pay for road damage.
Mines may have to pay for road damage.

"This renders the provision in the Act essentially powerless in that councils cannot seek compensation from mining proponents for road damage," the motion reads.

The motion calls on the LGAQ to lobby the state to create the regulation which could force miners to pay for any damage caused to local roads.

While local roads remain essential council business, the CQLGA also endorsed a motion to allow councils to "make decisions in the best interests of their area" on the creation of social impact assessments.

That motion said the Isaac region had struggled to "mitigate impacts from poorly planned industry development".

The council also described the state's social impact assessment guidelines as "poorly defined" and appearing to "decrease their (proponents) level of accountability in terms of upholding any commitments".

Should mines pay to fix road damage?

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This is a joke, right?


They are the main cause of the damage. I can't see why not.


Mine workers aren't fully to blame


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