Daylight savings is back on the agenda in Queensland.
Daylight savings is back on the agenda in Queensland. John Gass

Queenslanders push for daylight savings trial

AS A renewed push comes for daylight savings in Queensland, councils and residents across the state are bitterly divided.

The Queensland Times is reporting that councillors in Ipswich, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Logan, Moreton Bay, Mackay and Townsville are calling for a referendum on the topic, but their counterparts in Toowoomba, Cairns, Charters Towers and Sunshine Coast are against the move.

In Warwick, readers this morning have made their feelings known quite strongly, 100% are against the idea, after the Daily News asked the question on Facebook.

Richard Hogan: No. it will fade the curtains and confuse the cows.

Ray Black: No just leave it alone... hate it

Ian Schmidt: No way

Kay Locke: No leave it be

Jen Loy: No...we trialed it and it didn't work. WA had it and got rid of it. Its daylight now till 7pm why would you need more?

Craig March: No

Sharyn Le Sueur: No

Would you like to see daylight savings in Queensland?

This poll ended on 14 January 2017.

Current Results

Yes, bring it on


Yes, but let's trial it first


No way


Don't care


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

In 1992, Queenslanders voted against daylight saving following a three-year trial.

The referendum saw a victory for the no vote, with 54.5% of the vote.

Of the 1.6 million valid votes, 892,000 voted no.

As the topic makes headlines again advocates for daylight saving are pushing the point that Queensland's population has swelled by over 1 million people since the 1992 referendum, saying that is 1 million people who didn't get a vote 25 years ago, when the trial concluded.

A Facebook page calling itself Daylight Savings for Queensland has over 41,000 followers and continues to push the agenda in Queensland.

They have reported on a survey by Quest Newspapers showing of the 9000 people surveyed, 85% were in favour of a new daylight savings trial in Queensland.

Here are some more comments from readers around the state:

Scott Thomson - "Daylight savings works down south because of geography. The further from the equator, the longer the sun is up. It does not work in QLD. Give it a rest."

Maureen Clifford - "Daylight saving in our hot Queensland summers - no way, but give us that extra hour of daylight in winter when we could really make use of it and you'll get my vote."

Noela Ann Brack - "No. They did a trial of it years ago in Mount Isa and it was nearly 11pm before the sun went down. Might be okay in the cities, but not in the outback."

Kit Fisher - "Will add new meaning to 'The Sunshine State'. No thanks!"

Garin Wilson - "I say yes! It would be great to be able to get home in he evening and still enjoy some daylight, have a drink and a bbq and just have some fun. I do understand that it would work far better in the city than out in the country."

Tabetha Woodward-xenides - "Yes yes yes Absolutely love daylight saving. Wonderful for working families who can then take the kids at the park or beach after work."

Dale Smith - "Yes, being brought up with it it's great for family time. Who wants bright sunshine at 5.00 in the morning except for the cows."

Lynn Boyle - "It would be a great idea. I hope they do it! I love the long evenings... and evenings are the best time of the day here."

Linda Thomas - "Yes please, I'd love it. I've just come back from UK in July where it was light till 10pm. Fantastic!"

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