Racing has to ignore calls from 'do good' brigade

HORSE RACING: Every time the spring carnival rolls around, we are forced to listen to the same dribble from the anti-racing force, desperately keen to get their "hot take” into the open.

This spring was no different, with misinformed opinions flooding social media among others.

One of the calls has been for the whip to be banned.

As always, it is important for the industry to hold their ground.

The days of jockeys flogging horses are long behind us, as the rules of racing and padded whips don't allow that any more, meaning there is no reason to give these calls the time of day.

These are the same peoplethat tried and failed to ban jumps racing in Victoria and South Australia and the same groups thattried and failed to bangreyhound racing in NSW.

Was anyone genuinely surprised when Lloyd Williams told the media earlier in the week that he was the head trainer at Macedon Lodge?


Don't Doubt Da Wife - Doomben Race 2 No.14 - $50 win at $2.60

One for the fellas thisweek.

This mare ended a run of outs with an easy kill at Doomben last time out.

She sits handy and will give herself every chance to make it two in a row.

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