Rain reduces cattle sale stock

USEFUL falls of rain in parts of the supply area reduced the number of stock penned at this week’s Warwick cattle sale.

Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) reported values for calves and vealers to slaughter improved by two cents to 12c/kg and lightweight yearling steers to restockers also experienced a stronger market.

However, heavy yearling steers to feed sold to a market 6c/kg less. Not all the usual export buyers were present and heavy steers and bullocks fell in value by 12 to 13 cents, and cows averaged 7c/kg less.

MLA said calves to the trade averaged 213c, while those returning to the paddock made to 260.2c to average 228c/kg. Vealer steers also returning to the paddock averaged 230c and made to 239.2c/kg.

Vealer heifers to the trade averaged six cents dearer at 211c and as mall selection of well-presented grades sold to local butchers in the 230c range, with some to 240.2c/kg.

Lightweight yearling steers to restockers made to 234.2c, with a fairly large sample around 223c/kg. Feeder buyers were selective on the medium-weight yearling steers, with well-bred grades making around 222c, but sales overall ranged from 199 to 234.2c/kg.

Heavy yearling steers to feed averaged six cents cheaper at 182c/kg. Medium-weight yearling heifers to feed averaged 181 cents and sold to 197 cents and a handful to the trade averaged 205 cents and made to 212.2c/kg.

Heavy steers in the three-score range generally sold around 158 cents and the better condition lines averaged 165 cents and sold to 172.2c/kg.

Bullocks sold from 165 to 173.2 cents to average 13 cents cheaper at 168c/kg. Full-mouth bullocks mostly sold around 155c/kg.

Plain condition cows to restockers averaged 130 cents and sold to 137.2 cents and slaughter descriptions averaged 121c/kg.

Medium-weight three scores averaged 134 cents and good heavy cows in small numbers averaged 147 cents and sold to 154.2c/kg.

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