John Randall
John Randall Shannon Newley

Randall throws hat in the ring

AFTER months of talk, former council Economic Development officer John Randall yesterday confirmed what many suspected - he would put his hand up come election time.

But Mr Randall said he still couldn't confirm whether he would contest the top job or not.

"That decision will be made closer to the nomination date. I have still to discuss this important decision further with a few more people," he said.

Mr Randall was dismissed from his council position last year but was believed to have received a payout and he said his experience was an advantage.

"A lot of people have said to me 'John, you know the system, you know how to avoid the blind alleys and you know when the State and Federal governments are having us on," he said.

Mr Randall said his work in the private sector, including 20 years in the steel industry, had given him necessary business experience.

"There is no longer a place for well-intentioned people with no experience," Mr Randall said.

"But there does have to be a balance of people with expertise in business and in community services."

Mr Randall said he would decide and reveal which position he would run for by the end of next week.

"The major issue everyone is raising with me , whether it be from senior citizens, people on the land or small business owners, is that we need to control the council budget so we can control rates," he said.

Mr Randall said he had a 10-point action plan.

"The top 10 needs have been identified by the community, not bureaucrats or politicians," he said.

"They include areas such as fairness in representation no matter where you may live, water security, transparency in council activities, support for sporting clubs, jobs for young people and strengthening the overall economy of the Southern Downs."

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