BROKEN TRUST: A girl who was raped by her father for six years speaks out.
BROKEN TRUST: A girl who was raped by her father for six years speaks out. Sarah Harvey

Rape victim tells of horror

THE daughter of an Ipswich father who raped and terrorised her and her two sisters for more than a decade has spoken out, begging parents to believe children when they confide in them.

The young woman, who turns 23 tomorrow, said she told her mother what was happening, but she wouldn't believe her.

"I want to talk about people not believing us," the woman said.

"People still don't believe us, even after the trial - I want to stop other children going through the same situation now."

The sadistic father pleaded guilty to maintaining an unlawful sexual relationship and was sentenced to 17 years jail.

Ipswich District Court heard the 42-year-old had inflicted horrendous sexual and physical abuse on his daughters between 1997 and 2010 at their home. The youngest, who is disabled, suffered most at his hands.

He would pour hot wax on the girl, tie her up with rope and chicken wire, blindfold her with a bandana and cover her mouth with tape. He left the little girl in a room alone while she was bound and blindfolded and threatened to murder her if she told anyone, the court heard.

The abuse happened to each girl at least every second day from when they were 10 to 16 years old, and intensified when the girls reached their early teens. The man was declared a serious violent offender and must serve 80% of his 17-year sentence.

The daughter who has courageously spoken out said her eldest sister was forced to retract her initial complaint because she was deemed an "attention-seeker".

"I remember we had to go to the police station because my older sister had already gone to the school councillor," the woman said. "Dad and I picked mum up and dad took me to police station, but I said it wasn't true because I was so scared it would ruin the family unit."

She said her family had lost many friends who sided with her father.

"He just brainwashed everyone - there has been no peace of mind for me waiting for justice," she said.

"I just want other mums to believe their children when they come forward with stuff like this."

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