Rebels Motorcycle Club member waits on bail application

A SUNSHINE Coast bikie who is a lifelong member of the Rebels Motorcycle Club has had his latest bid for freedom adjourned until next week.

Paul Jeffery Lansdowne, 57, had his latest bail application heard on Thursday in the Brisbane Supreme Court.

Lansdowne, along with four other alleged bikies (the Yandina Five), shot to prominence last year after they were charged under the tough new Vicious Lawless Association Disestablishment laws after being caught having a beer together at the Yandina Hotel on November 1.

Under the new laws, it is illegal for alleged criminal motorcycle gang members to associate together in groups of three or more.

Police have alleged all five men have strong links to bikie organisations on the Sunshine Coast, Fraser Coast and Beenleigh.

Lansdowne's barrister James Godbolt told the court his client was not challenging the fact he was a life-long member of the Rebels.

"What he is purposing if granted bail is not to associate or contact any person he knows to be a member of the Rebels," he said.

"However, he has indicated he would not resign his membership."

Mr Godbolt told the court the prosecution case against Lansdowne was "weak" given the grainy CCTV footage he had seen would make it difficult for anyone to identify a person in the footage with any certainty.

However, the Crown Prosecutor David Meredith told the court the full CCTV footage with police on the Sunshine Coast was extremely clear and the crown had sworn affidavits from several witnesses identifying the men in the footage.

At that point Mr Godbolt sought an adjournment to view the footage and to seek instructions surrounding any surety which could be posted.

Justice John Byrne did express concerns during the hearing surrounding Lansdowne's unwillingness to dissociate himself from the Rebels.

"The applicant remains resolved to remain a member of the Rebels Motorcycle Club," he said.

"What concerns me the most is he has taken absolutely no steps to dissociate himself from this criminal organisation."

Justice Byrne adjourned the application until Tuesday (January 14).

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