Red-hot Redbacks secure third place

SATURDAY saw the final game on home turf for the Redbacks and the last club game for Greg Woodward. Neither one could have ended any better.

Woodward played a solid game and was instrumental in the 20 : 11 : [131] mauling of the Toowoomba Tigers 8 : 10 : [58].

The opening siren set loose a red-hot Redbacks squad that was hungry for the ball, solid in defence, ruthless through the mid-field and in full control in attack.

Alex Cutmore matured as a front-line ruckman and dominated both opposition ruckmen who were thrown against him, which gave Steve Martin the opportunity to drop back in defence and run through the mid-field.

Tiger Andrews played at full forward against his former club and dominated both aerial duels and ground play.

With only two players on the bench by half time, and the Tigers mounting a comeback early in the third quarter, Warwick's defence was put to the test and stood tall.

Bryce Bodsworth, David Butcher and Andrew Bardsley were creating attack out of defence while Rob Devereux and Martin were too strong and too clever for the now weary Tigers.

By the start of the final term the Tigers' frustration had become obvious and the focus went from the ball to the man.

All Warwick players kept their composure, played football and went about burying a team of Tigers that was in tatters.

The victory has cemented the Redbacks in third place - a game and a healthy percentage ahead of the Tigers.

Warwick was not at full strength and has some very talented players to come back into the side.

With only four games remaining and all of those games on the road, a full commitment at all training runs from here on in is the only way a game can be guaranteed.

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