IN ACTION: Andrew Bardsley takes off, flanked by Gavin O’Leary.
IN ACTION: Andrew Bardsley takes off, flanked by Gavin O’Leary. Katie Cameron

Redbacks weave web

AFTER four seasons in the wilderness and no September action, the Goondiwindi Hawks had a tremendous year defeating the Warwick Credit Union Redbacks in the two fixture games during the season.

The game that they really needed to win was out of reach.

The WCU Redbacks opened the game with a blistering six goals to two and from that point on ran their opponents into the ground scoring 15:8:{98} to the Hawks 11:6:{72}.

Time and again Gundy would come at the Reddies and time and again the Reddies withstood the onslaught.

The 27 point first quarter lead became a 26-point victory, what went on in between was good hard at the ball, tough, finals football.

The tallest ruckman in the competition [209 cm] could not compete against the agility, athleticism and sheer rucking smarts of skipper Alex Cutmore. Kurt Millard had a superb game racking up kick after kick to produce yet another best on ground performance and Thye Clarkson was unstoppable in and around the ball.

Playing his 100th game for the club, Gavin O'Leary put in a solid game and kept his direct opponent down to barely a handful of touches.

Andrew Politch was given the unenviable task of keeping key utility David O'Toole out of the game and gave proof as to why he always gets the hard jobs. A defensive tagging role is never an easy one, but Politch has the knack of offsetting even the best of opponents.

Sheldon Livingstone is turning into a real goal sneak and a key mid fielder and this works well freeing up the likes of Max Greene-Galloway, Mark Borgert and Matt Stone to crumb the ball at the packs.

All in all the WCU Redbacks deserved their victory and handled the speed and ferocity of finals football extremely well. The day was hot, windless and energy sapping but to the last man they ran the game out until the final siren.

The U12s and U16s both suffered defeats but have another chance to go deeper into the final series and their respective coaches are both confident that they can do just that.

All Redbacks teams will face another round of do or die football finals this coming weekend and all games will be played at Rockville Oval.

Try to make the effort to give them a good following, it really makes a difference.

Goal scorers: Jason Wright 5, Thye Clarkson 3, Dave Walker 2, Nick Donges, Sheldon Livingstone, Max Greene-Galloway, Kurt Millard and Jake Paynter 1 each.

Best players: Kurt Millard, Thye Clarkson, Sheldon Livingstone, Max Greene-Galloway, Tim Tate, Andrew Politch and Gavin O'Leary.

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