Left in cold with no gas supply

A GAS company’s two-week freeze on supply has left its Warwick clients without kitchen usage and without heating – and not to mention frustrated.

Originally operating out of Condamine Steel, Elgas supplies were stopped without warning when the franchise suddenly left.

While the company has since opened another retail outlet in Warwick, client John Skinner said it had been a huge inconvenience.

“I’ve been conserving gas, although I was fortunate in that I had a small gas bottle (I could use),” he said.

“So we had cooking facilities. My daughter has had to conserve hers for hot water and cooking too.”

Mr Skinner said what was most frustrating was the little contact he’d had with Elgas.

“It’s been really frustrating not knowing whether I’d be able to get gas again,” he said.

“I still haven’t been advised that firstly they’d closed down at Condamine Steel and that they’d reopened at Absolute Trailer Solutions.

“If you’re someone who filled up three weeks ago and had another three weeks until you needed to refill, you wouldn’t know there’s a problem until you went to Condamine Steel.”

Mr Skinner now wants to change gas suppliers, but struck trouble when he went to sign up for another supplier.

To switch to Origin gas, he said the company needed a gas safety certificate from a gas fitter.

But living about 25 minutes out of town, Mr Skinner said it was difficult to coax professionals to visit his home.

“It’s not quite so easy – it’s alright if you’re in town, the gas fitter will come between jobs, but it’s a real drama to get them out of town,” he said.

“I intend to change companies but I’ll need to get a gas fitter’s certificate first.”

The Daily News attempted to contact Elgas for comments but the company did not return any calls.

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