Turning 40. It's time to make some changes.
Turning 40. It's time to make some changes. Rob Leeson

REVEALED: 5 things to stop doing when you turn 40

ANYONE who has passed the age of 40 is starting to realise it may be time to start making some changes.

Getting to those things that have been neglected for so long.

It's time to check in with ourselves, to ensure that all the questionable and unhealthy behaviours from our first act of adulthood have been let go - or at least smoothed out.

Here's 5 things to stop after you turn 40.

1: Stop doing things just because others want you to

Hello....you're a full-grown adult who can make their own decisions.

If there are people in your life who can't grasp that then it's time to let them know in no uncertain terms.

You don't want to go out, then stay in and get comfortable.

Don't be used, don't be stepped on and don't be taken for granted.

If you're afraid of hurting others feelings then consider your own for a second.

Time to make yourself happy.

2: Stop living like you're 25

This might be an awful lot of fun, but if it is, it's probably not that healthy.

Binge drinking isn't cool, falling over drunk isn't a great look and it's especially not a good look if you're old enough to be the parent of someone who's going out and falling over drunk.

Stop eating takeaway every night, stop neglecting yourself and saying you'll get to it later.

It is later man!

3: Stop taking your significant other for granted

Has life just slipped into the same old routine, day in, day out?

Does the sound of your partner slurping on their coffee make you want to scream?

If this person has spent a long time with you and you with them, then there's clearly a reason for it.

If it's gone, find the spark again. Go out to dinner, buy flowers, send them off for a special pampering session.

Show them you appreciate them, in some way, however you want, just make sure they get it.

Put your relationship first - if it's unhappy or unhealthy, so will your life be.

4: Ditch the drama

You're not 14 any more, get rid of the attitude.

What is the point in berating someone for being themselves, or starting unnecessary arguments for the hell of it.

Stop messing with people, by now you should have zero tolerance for drama, so why perpetuate it?

Let things go, move on, grow up.

5: Stop procrastinating

This is a tough one, but necessary.

Stop putting things off, you won't be around forever.

Want to go to Rome - then save your pennies and go to Rome. Lock it in, stop just thinking about it.

Get ready, be prepared for things and make them happen.

If not you may regret it later, and there's possibly nothing worse.

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