Revelations a spiritual beat

THE book of Revelations is the last and most-confronting book of the Bible, so it fits extremely well as the name of a hardcore/experimental band from Toowoomba.

Ryan Beutel, Jamin Young, Sam Rubino, Ryley Salter and the newly acquired Braiden Athanitis make up Revelations.

Defying the common stereotype, these proud Christian guys are breaking down the barriers between Christianity and hardcore music.

Sam, Jamin, Ryley and Ryan all had previous band experiences before forming Revelations. Up until two months ago it was just the four of them, spreading their Christian beliefs at various gigs until it was decided a synthesizer player was needed.

Bands like Attack Attack!, Asking Alexandria and Devil Wears Prada have been the main influences for Revelations, so it was clear that adding a synth was the next step.

Braiden Athanitis, 17, was welcomed into the band along with his technical skill and knowledge of electronic music.

“Adding synth creates depth as well as a balance to our already intense beats,” Jamin said.

The band plays a signature dance song intro at the start of each set.

This electronic track helps the boys create a happy, positive vibe as well as pumping themselves and the audience up for the show.

With a few of the band members working as youth leaders at their local church CitiLife, it is clear these guys are passionate and proud of their religious beliefs.

Using the stage to talk to the crowd about Christianity is another thing Revelations is known for. The band says it is not expected that everyone believe what they are preaching, all that is asked is respect.

After all, influencing one person would be sufficient for this humble band.

On the horizon for Revelations is a hardcore filled tour beginning in Toowoomba and finishing in Melbourne. Helping them along the road is Toowoomba-based band Fall Through.

The Lost in Sound Festival, organised by Throwdown Events manager Josh Sullivan, has also been announced. The festival will feature Southern Downs hardcore bands as well as acoustic performances.

Warwick's own Without Wings We Fall will also play at this event. For more information check out the link below.

While their music is not always welcomed with open arms by the older, more conservative members of their church, Revelations members are creating more modern ways of reaching people. They have received an immense amount of support from their church, families and school, as well as Warwick metal lovers.

With one EP already released and another soon to be recorded this Toowoomba band has a bright future ahead.

Next year will be busy for this young band, so look out for the inspiring Revelations at gigs in and around Toowoomba.

Next week, the last of Hardcore with a Conscience – Flood the Skies.

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