A DEATH is only a day away.

That's the message from the Warwick and District Road Safety Committee, with vice president David Kemp saying they're crying out for something to be done.

"The intersection of Albion and Wood Sts is a death trap," Mr Kemp said.

"I've nearly been cleaned up there, my sons have nearly been cleaned up there and I've watched on as many others have too.

"People need to be aware that if they are in the right lane, they must stay in that lane until they have finished turning the corner."

For years this corner has been watched by the road safety committee and now they are demanding answers from Main Roads on how they are going to solve the problem.

"They've had cameras up and nothing has really ever come from reports they have done," Mr Kemp said.

"We need to fix this intersection before someone is killed, not just wait until it happens and then review it."

President Graham Buchner said the ideal solution would be an overhead sign indicating lane directions.

"We understand that there may not be enough funding for the sign, but it would be the best solution," Mr Buchner said.

"One of the main problems is people getting halfway around the corner, realising Hungry Jack's is there and darting across without looking.

"If we could somehow tell people they can go straight ahead into Hungry Jack's it would solve some of the problem."

Mr Buchner said a "cheaper" option to fix the intersection would be better marking on the road.

Senior Constable Darren Black said police kept an eye on the intersection.

"If you start in the right lane, you need to stay in the right lane until you have turned the corner and may only merge when it is safe to do so," he said.

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