Roadside rubbish is a 'disgrace'

FILTHY stinking rubbish - it's not a good look but that's the roadside view visitors to the Rose City will be greeted with on their way to Morgan Park Raceway this weekend.

Morgan Park is set to hold its largest event on record with more than 230 cars to compete at the National Historic Race Meeting, however, Warwick Clean Up Group spokesman Graham Buchner is concerned visitors will be greeted with an eyesore of rubbish.

“Old Stanthorpe Road is a bloody disgrace, especially as Morgan Park is a premiere facility and will hold a huge event this weekend,” Mr Buchner said.

“Morgan Park and the tip (Warwick Central Waste Management Facility) are on the same road. It's obvious all the rubbish was meant for the dump because it's clean after the tip turn-off.”

Litter on the side of the road is also a concern for Warwick Horse Trials president Gary McKenna as the facility is set to hold the Queensland Interschool Equestrian Association State Championships next weekend.

“It (the rubbish) is a smite on our town,” Mr McKenna said. “People are too lazy to properly secure their rubbish when taking it to the tip or they get there after it's closed and dump it on the roadside because they're too lazy to take it home again.”

Both men believe the maximum penalty of $1500 for driving with an unsecured load of rubbish is excessive but some form of penalty should be enforced.

“It takes one fine and people would realise they can't get away it,” Mr Buchner said.

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