Roofs fly, trees & power-lines down: 'Landspout' wreaks havoc

HIGGINS Storm Chasing says a waterspout has made landfall at Avenell Heights in south-west Bundaberg. 

Taking to its Facebook page the storm chasing site said it had confirmation a storm cell which caused widespread damage in the suburb was a "type of tornado".

"A waterspout has either come ashore, or a landspout (type of tornado) has developed over Avenell Heights, Bundaberg causing widespread damage," Higgins posted. 

"No reports of any injuries but powerlines and trees have been brought down and some homes have lost roofs."

However a Bureau of Meteorology spokeswoman said while there were intense storm cells active across the region she was yet to see any footage confirming the system was anything more than an intense storm cell. 

"From the radar imagery I can confirm that an intense storm cell passed over Bundaberg about 2pm," the spokeswoman said. 

"There are other cells on the radar that have a similar intensity."

The BOM's most recent storm warning for Bundaberg stated 75mm had already fallen between 1.30pm and 2.30pm. 

A seperate severe weather warning is current for heavy rainfall in areas south of about Emerald to Gladstone and north of about Taroom to Noosa Heads.

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