Rubbish a waste of money

ONE business owner has rubbished the new commercial waste collection system since Southern Downs Regional Council (SDRC) handed over the reigns to commercial provider JJ Richards.

The small business owner, who asked not to be named, said he was being charged more for the same wheelie bin service yet his council rates were set to increase this month.

“When you do the sums at $4.51 per bin for two bins each week, it’s $458 per year – much more than the council waste charge of $385.50,” he said.

JJ Richards took on commercial wheelie and industrial bin collection from July 1 and while it currently has a monopoly on collection, the Daily News understands at least one other provider is looking to service the region.

Until another company does move in though, the business owner said it was an unfair position for ratepayers to be in, with no other options.

It is understood businesses will not be forced into fixed long-term contracts – there are short-term contracts available, as well as a system where business owners can contact the waste collection company when bins need emptying.

A council spokeswoman yesterday also confirmed businesses did not have to have a large industrial bin, and that they could downsize to a more cost-effective wheelie bin if they did not produce much waste.

“If they are in the collection area, they can have a wheelie bin,” she said.

“Their waste bin though must be large enough for their need. If it’s a larger service with more waste, they would need a larger bin.”

Council’s meeting with Stanthorpe ratepayers last week emitted strong emotions about the changes to commercial waste collection, with one former Naples resident even threatening to dump his waste street side.

In other waste-disposal topics, the State Government’s proposal to levy all commercial and industrial waste going to landfill continues to gain the spotlight ahead of its scheduled adoption for December.

The Southern Downs Regional Council has urged businesses to look at their recycling capacity to reduce the level of waste that will go towards landfill and thereby reduce the amount charged.

The State Government has previously said the levy would halve the amount of landfill waste.

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