Council pro RV friendly

DESPITE a voting division and months of debate, council decided to apply for RV-friendly status.

Following a decision made earlier this year by councillors at a Community Services committee meeting, fiery public debate broke out and council decided to seek more information before continuing.

Public meetings, presentations and submissions have been heard from both those in support of applying for the status and those in opposition.

However, at yesterday’s committee meeting, Cr Vic Pennisi referred to their original decision to apply for RV-friendly status across the region.

“In my mind that motion is still relevant. Until we actually apply we don’t really know what the debate is about,” he said.

He said that when they were approved or refused, they could then make the decision whether to make any changes or not.

Deputy mayor Peter Blundell agreed, adding: “Let’s just not spend any more time or money on this issue. We’ve consulted to hell and back.”

Around the table others were not convinced, with councillors McNally and Bartley concerned council was being forced into applying.

“If we know the outcome, why are we doing it?” Cr McNally asked.

“To be forced into it because we don’t want to be RV unfriendly is ridiculous.”

Cr Pennisi moved the motion, with Cr Blundell seconding. Cr Cameron Gow voted in favour while councillors McNally, Meiklejohn, McMurtrie and Bartley voted against.

Community Services chairwoman Denise Ingram had the casting vote and voted in favour of the motion.

Mayor Ron Bellingham was not present at yesterday’s meeting and councillors will have the chance to review the decision at next week’s general meeting.

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