Sanity prevails on ‘crazy pavers'

SEVEN years after their installation "crazy paver" crossings along Palmerin St will finally be removed after posing an ongoing safety hazard.

Two crossings at the southern end of Palmerin St and the one on King St will be replaced on Sunday with patterned and coloured asphalt.

Major problems early on with the Town Hall crazy paver crossing resulted in its removal in 2007.

Southern Downs Regional Council Director of Engineering Services Peter See said the removal and replacement works would cost $18,000.

"This will enable the area bounded by King St and Percy St to have the same look as the rest of the streetscape," he said.

"Generally the crazy pavers keep breaking up, which has the potential to cause people to trip.

"However we have not had any significant issues."

The pavers were laid at multiple locations along Palmerin St during stage two of the streetscape works project in 2005.

Issues with the glue meant the pavers constantly came loose and were uneven.

Being a trip hazard has been the ongoing issue with the pavers.

The crossing between the Warwick Town Hall and the Rose City Shoppingworld entrance was repaired four times before being replaced.

One year later the pavers at the Grafton and Palmerin St crossing were also replaced.

A council spokeswoman said she was unable to provide an exact figure for the total cost of the crazy paving debacle "as the works were not costed out separately".

She said the cost of the crazy paving since it was put in place was in the "vicinity of a couple of thousand dollars" despite earlier reports that $25,000 was spent on repairs on the town hall crossing.

Mr See said council workers would try to minimise disruption to traffic on Sunday.

"This work will occur on one side of the street at a time," he said.

"The stamping of the asphalt will be undertaken later in the year."

Traffic control measures will be in place during the road works and residents are asked by council to obey all traffic signage.

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