Warwick schools praised by parents

Thumbs up to Warwick East State School.

My daughter has had an awesome year because of her new friends and fantastic teacher.

And thumbs up to holidays.

Belinda Sullivan


Huge thumbs up to the whole staff at Central school.

They are the most incredible and amazing teachers that care so much about the students in the whole school not just the class they teach.

It is truly a gift to know that you child/children have such a great teacher but to know that every staff member is dedicated to teaching and caring is a blessing and a reflection on their leader.

Kathy Dante


Thumbs up to Warwick West School for their carols by candlelight on Thursday evening.

And to the class teachers for their class performances of the carols.

Especially the Preps. Too cute!

Kathy Smith-Kieseker


Thumbs up to all the awesome people who make a difference no matter how small, well done.

Karen Gailey


Thumbs down to the women who locked her three children in a running car under the shopping centre this morning, for over five minutes my friend and I waited before we went up to report her, but by the time we came back she had driven off.. Shame on her.

Raema Hunt


Thumbs down to the people that chose to send Jenny all the way out to a Millmerran aged facility.

Donna Nessuno


Thumbs up to the cattle prices, its great to see primary producers getting a financial windfall after years of struggle.

Darryl Evans


Thumbs up to the Warwick Community Performing Arts for their opening night.

Clare McHugh Von Stieglitz


Thumbs up to the Freestone monthly get together.

My first time at the "do" and saw old friends and meet new ones.

Congratulations to the Freestone community for organising it.

Merry Christmas to you all and I'll see you same time, same place, next month.

Joann Bucknell


Thumbs Down to "No Xmas Decorations in Main Street" surely we can afford some second-hand decorations absolutely no feel of xmas in main street except for one green xmas tree!

Colin O'Brien


Huge thumbs up to Sheer Bliss Body Wellness for always been sanitary and wonderful to her customers, always polite and makes you feel comfortable.

Hailey Clout


Thumbs up to the oaks nursing home for the care you show and the morning tea you provided for the families, good stuff.

Hilton Horne


Thumbs up to this wonderful rain. We need it. And also Higgins storm chasers that keep us well informed on social media.

Kristy Thompson

ANZAC DAY: Allora remembers

ANZAC DAY: Allora remembers

An intimate Anzac Day service in Allora saw hundreds turn out

Family makes Allora trip for real Anzac experience

Family makes Allora trip for real Anzac experience

Aaron Curran, a former military photojournalist spoke at the service

Get ready for huge wedding expo in Warwick this weekend

Get ready for huge wedding expo in Warwick this weekend

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