Graphic designer Seamus Ashley has been eliminated from the MasterChef kitchen.
Graphic designer Seamus Ashley has been eliminated from the MasterChef kitchen. Contributed

Seamus eliminated from MasterChef

THERE are no certainties in the MasterChef kitchen, as graphic designer Seamus Ashley found out last night.

The 32-year-old from Melbourne was eliminated last night after struggling in three rapid-fire elimination challenges.

Ashley was part of the red team, which lost Wednesday night team challenge, but didn’t think his head would be on the chopping block.

“I left that morning thinking I was totally fine, that there no chance I would be going home,” he said.

“But as son as I saw those 11 benches that all went out the window.”

Ashely was flustered by the first 10-minute challenge, and things only got worse in the second round when he burned his snapper stir fry.

“I burnt everything,” he said.

“I was too busy trying to chop everything else up to go on top. I knew after that round I’d be going to the third round.”

He nailed the stir fry the second time around in the invention test against red team captain Andrew Henderson, but it wasn’t enough to keep him in the competition.

“If I could do it again and get it right then I thought it would be a pretty safe thing,” he said.

“It was 95 percent perfect. The sauce wasn’t quite as thick as it should have been, but all the flavours were really good. When I put it up next to Andrew’s I knew I had a 50-50 chance.”

Back in Melbourne, Ashley hopes to focus his graphic design business on food-related websites for restaurants, markets and catering businesses.

He says it took some time to readjust to the real world.

“You’re in a bit of a daze when you leave the competition,” he said.

“You get used to leaving the house and working on TV time. Then you’ve got to come back to the real world. It took a week to get readjusted and be normal.”

Ashley tips car salesman Jay Huxley, who was unsuccessful in his bid for immunity on Tuesday night, to make it to the finale.

“I reckon Jay is definitely the most determined and he’s got the talent to go with it,” he said.

“He’s definitely a big chance.”

Tonight, judges Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris give the contestants a master class on the art of cooking rabbit, and Mehigan whip up a modern take on the classic Shepherd’s Pie.

MasterChef Australia airs Sundays through Fridays at 7.30pm.

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