Ian Stewart
Ian Stewart

Security ramps up ahead of G20 summit

PREPARATIONS are starting to ramp up ahead of next years G20 Leaders' Summit in Brisbane in what has been described as the largest peace-time security operation Australia has ever seen.

Thirty world leaders, as well as up to 4500 delegates and 2500 media, will attend the two-day event on November 15 and 16 at the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Police, Fire and Emergency Services Minister Jack Dempsey said on Friday the Queensland Police Service was well under way with preparations for the event.

"Police officers have already been training to help protect the more than 30 world leaders and dignitaries who will be in Brisbane for the summit," he said.

"The QPS is also working to ensure a balance between protecting these dignitaries and ensuring members of the public are able to go about their daily business in a safe and secure environment.

"This has meant the introduction of declared and restricted areas as seen in the G20 Safety and Security Act.

"These provisions have been introduced to ensure the safety of everyone and will not impact people who obey the law while in the restricted areas."

Police Commissioner Ian Stewart said the QPS was progressing well in terms of security preparations and planning.

"The G20 Group within the service has been up and running for more than a year now and they are making plans for every contingency," he said.

"It is the responsibility of the QPS to ensure that all members of the community are safe and secure during the G20 Leaders' Summit in Brisbane and the Finance Ministers' Meeting in Cairns.

"The QPS understands and respects the right of citizens to protest lawfully in Queensland however, I make it very clear that we will not tolerate any unlawful behaviour which threatens the safety and security of the communities in Brisbane or Cairns."

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