SNAP: Johanna Zolg has turned her passion for photography into her business.
SNAP: Johanna Zolg has turned her passion for photography into her business. Jonno Colfs

Warwick mum turns passion into a business

JOHANNA Zolg has taken a hobby and turned it into a living.

In 2013 after the birth of her first child Miss Zolg discovered she had a real passion for photography.

"I'd always been a creative person, always drawing and loved art," she said.

"A great local photographer, Natalie Hope Photography, did my maternity photos and we got talking about photography.

"I knew I wanted lots of good photos of my children so I bought a DSLR Nikon D5100 and enrolled in an online photography course, which teaches the basics of photography and the camera.

"Natalie saw some of the photos I had taken of my daughter Isabel and thought they were really good.

"She encouraged me to take it up and try and make some money."

Miss Zolg said at this point Natalie Hope Photography was swamped with work and was looking to specialise in wedding photography.

"So she started to push clients to me," she said.

It all started out quite differently for Miss Zolg who was born in Germany and completed an apprenticeship in horticulture after finishing school.

"In Germany that's what you do. You learn a trade and that's what you do for the rest of your life," Miss Zolg said.

"That's what I love about Australia. You can change what you're doing and try something else whenever you want.

"I initially wanted to be a landscape architect, but I think I've given up on that.

"The flora here is obviously quite different to Germany so I'd have to learn so much more and I have a hard enough time here keeping my vegetables alive."

Miss Zolg came to Australia in 2004 and after backpacking around the country got some work in the Lockyer Valley.

"They ran out of work for me so I got some work in Killarney with Wickham's and then got a job at the Horse and Jockey in August 2006," she said.

"At that point I hadn't completed the initial two-year visa so the Horse and Jockey sponsored me on a traineeship visa and I completed a Certificate IV in Hospitality."

After working there for four years, Miss Zolg moved into real estate and still holds her license

It was while working in real estate that Miss Zolg said she saw a need in the local market. "I've noticed a definite need in Warwick for a specialist photographer in this field, so I've been doing a lot of real estate work over the last two years, which also includes taking photos for builders and hotel and motels," she said.

"In Toowoomba most of the real estate agents don't take their own photos , it's done by professionals.

"Real estate photos are the modern day equivalent of kerb appeal.

"People are going to look at houses online first before going to see them in person, so the photos need to be excellent.

"And it's not only the top-end homes that need professional photos.

"Every home does.

"It makes them so much easier to sell.

"So my paid hobby has turned into my business, and it's a great business to work around the kids with."

To give yourself the edge in the housing market, phone Johanna Zolg Photography on 0429827378.

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