Sentence soon for sex attack

A FORMER Warwick man who forced four Asian students to endure an hour-long sex attack in Sydney, which resulted in one of them plunging to her death from a unit balcony, will be sentenced in June after pleading guilty.

Brendan David Dennison, 27, forced his way into the unit in the suburb of Waterloo in October 2008 where he carried out what a judge has called a drug-fuelled “reign of terror”.

Originally from Boggabilla, Dennison previously lived in Warwick where he was convicted in June 2001 of stealing and unlawful use of a motor vehicle, offences committed earlier at Goondiwindi.

He is believed to have drifted to Sydney in early 2008.

Dennison has pleaded guilty to 19 charges arising from the sickening attack, including the murder of one of the students, an 18-year-old Chinese woman who died after jumping from the third-floor unit with her 19-year-old Korean boyfriend to escape Dennison.

The boyfriend sustained serious spinal injuries.

He has also pleaded guilty to 10 counts of raping the couple and two other women in the apartment at knifepoint and four counts of illegally detaining them, armed with a kitchen knife through the rampage.

During a sentencing hearing in the New South Wales Supreme Court on Friday, Justice Elizabeth Fullerton was told Dennison was high on ice and had not slept for days prior to the attack.

“I had two slugs and I didn’t know what happened,” he told police the day he was arrested.

He later told psychiatrist Dr Olav Nielssen he couldn’t be sure if he had taken the drugs on the day of the attack.

“But he had been injecting methylamphetamines (ice) on every day that week,” Dennison’s barrister John Stratton told the court.

Crown prosecutor PhillipIngram said Dennison had a history of violent and break-and-enter offences.

“His record is replete with records of offences of violence against other persons or property,” Mr Ingram said.

“The offender’s past conduct has an escalating degree of seriousness about it.”

However, Mr Stratton said given there were no prior records of sexual offences the attack seemed to be “a very uncharacteristic course of conduct” for Dennison.

“His intention was to effect a robbery, but unfortunately ... his plan changed,” Mr Stratton told the court.

Justice Elizabeth Fullerton agreed, saying Dennison “could not have known that there would be a number of people in the unit, and there’s little to explain the ... sustained and provoked sexual violence, other than his being inflamed by the drug”.

The sentencing exercise was going to be “difficult and confronting,” she said.

“These people were subjected to what can only be described as a reign of terror,” Justice Fullerton said.

Dennison, who has been assessed as borderline mentally retarded, will be sentenced in the NSW Supreme Court on June 4. He has been in custody since his arrest in October 2008.

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