Serial pest escapes jail time

SERIAL pest Shelley Maree Fuller is as colourful as her choice of hair hue, the Warwick Magistrates Court heard yesterday.

The 22-year-old is not a stranger to court proceedings and yesterday pleaded guilty to five charges, which included one charge of drink driving while on a learner or provisional licence, stealing, contravening a requirement to produce identification, trespass and committing public nuisance.

Sporting a cropped mop of canary yellow and pink hair, the Warwick resident fidgeted as she sat at the bench while the Police Prosecutor outlined to the court the circumstances of the charges.

The court heard the stealing charge arose from Fuller’s entry into a contract to hire a $1768 television from a Beenleigh company, but failed to return the viewing box in 2008, well after the contract’s expiry.

“She was required to make fortnightly payments for 12 months.... police were contacted when it wasn’t returned and when they went to her home she admitted to renting the TV but had it stored with a friend,” the prosecutor said.

The prosecutor said Fuller was pulled over for a random breath test on Lyons Street and returned a positive blood alcohol reading of 0.071 per cent when tested at the Warwick Police station.

After ruckus behaviour at Rose City Shoppingworld, the prosecutor said Fuller was banned from the centre for six months from March 19 but 14 days later centre staff observed her at the food court.

“Police located her at the Grafton Street entrance where she admitted she had been inside the centre when banned,” he said.

Shortly after her chat with police at Grafton Street a man went to the Warwick Station and said Fuller had mouthed off at him and pushed him to the ground.

“She told police there had been an ongoing argument with (the man) but did not push him... she fell into him after she tripped,” the prosecutor said.

The court heard the complainant told police Fuller called him a “fat piece of s**t” however her defence counsel said the man was of slim build and his client would not have used that phrase.

Fuller’s defence counsel said his client suffered Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) most of her life, had severe social anxiety and had an obsessive compulsive disorder as well as caring for her ill mother.

Acting Magistrate Haydn Stjernqvist noted Fuller had committed offences while released on probation and her criminal history.

“From February to April you have been running into problems with the police here,” Magistrate Stjernqvist told Fuller.

“You’ve been through the hoops as it were (has committed offences while on probation) but you’ve messed it up.”

Fuller was fined a total of $1900 for all charges and ordered to pay $900 in restitution for the TV, she was disqualified from driving for four months and a conviction was recorded for all counts.

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