Setting the scene for Mackay's 30-year summit

THIRTY years ago Premier Campbell Newman had more hair, people could "smoke like chimneys" on planes, faxes were just evolving and IBM was about to release the first PC.

Yesterday, 450 people were asked to envisage Queensland in 30 years time but many people would have felt like they had gone back 30 years - some to their childhood.

Politicians and delegates ditched their iPads and smart phones for butcher's paper, pens and, of course, gold stars.

During the brainstorming day people proudly tacked their ideas on boards for others to view.

But words were not enough for one group of politicians and delegates who drew a t-shirt with "I (love heart) QLD" on it.

It might have been artistic, but the idea that drew the most gold star stickers from other groups was the one that read: "Is a community without respect, a community without a future?".

There were even groans as delegates were randomly chosen for the daunting task of making the finishing touches to the six big questions that would be put to Queenslanders.

Premier Campbell Newman even capped off the day by reminiscing about his own childhood.

Mr Newman briefly segued from NAPLAN to touch on a mediocre maths exam during high school.

He said he managed to achieve 101 out of 200 marks, yet he still became an engineer after school.

And as soon as the last words left the Premier's lips it was like a buzzer at the end of a long school day.

School was out and so were the delegates and politicians, with many rushing to catch flights home.

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