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'Carnie' jailed for sex with 12yo

A DRUNK carnival worker was out to “get laid” when he slept with a girl, 12, in the back of his caravan after a party at the Rockhampton Show.

The one night of sex led to the young girl falling pregnant.

She unsuccessfully tried to have two abortions before the foetus was surgically removed.

The man, 20, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty in the District Court at Rockhampton on Wednesday, to carnal knowledge of a child under 16.

The court heard the man was working on the show circuit as a ride attendant in 2008, the year the offence took place.

The offender knew the girl’s mother, who was also travelling around Queensland with the show.

He met the girl at the Bundaberg Show and they spent time

together when it moved to Rockhampton in June.

Defence barrister Maree Willey said the man saw the girl at a show party in Rockhampton and they left together to his caravan that night.

“There were no threats, force or intimidation (to the girl). It was an isolated incident he regrets greatly,” Ms Willey said.

She said the man had an unfortunate upbringing. She said he was physically abused by his father and step-father and at age 13, he started smoking cannabis and drinking alcohol.

Crown Prosecutor Joshua Phillips said the man thought the girl was as young as 13 and he initially lied to police about the incident before owning up during a second interview.

“There was no love between the two. It was throw-away sex. He told police his sole aim was to get laid,” Mr Phillips said.

He described the physical implications for the child who fell pregnant and aborted the baby.

The court heard that after the incident the girl didn’t tell anyone about what happened until she became sick and a blood test revealed she was pregnant.

Judge Nicholas Samios said the fact that the child fell pregnant was a significant factor in this case, not only due to the physical and mental effects on the girl, but the implications for her father, whom she no longer speaks to.

The judge sentenced the man to two years in prison, to be suspended after six months.

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