YOUR SAY: Should ambos be armed?

ASSAULTS on ambulance workers have led a few to argue paramedics should have tasers to defend themselves.

Is it out of the question for paramedics to be armed?


Paramedics are not societies punching bags.

Stiffer penalties and a "Change in public attitude" sounds lovely, but neither are going to help at 3am when the drug affected patient decides to go off in the back of the ambulance.

Physical restraints, CS spray (for outside obviously) and tasers are just about essential equipment for Paramedics. - Peter Solomon


Wouldn't it just be a better idea for people to not act like cretins?

Address the cause rather than looking at the symptom.

Immediate long term gaol sentences for anyone who assaults an EMS person.

... A long time behind bars should be a deterrent, or at the very least it takes them off the street and removes the cause of the problem.

More, bigger prisons is the answer to a lot of society issues. - Richard Hogan


How is jail addressing the cause?

Most of the halfwits that attack the ambo's are drugged up to the eyeballs,and claim that when they go to court.

I agree, they should have tasers if only to protect themselves against society's scum....

- Helen Fitch


Yes they should carry tasers, whatever to make them feel safe.

I would hate to be in a confined space with a person who isn't cooperating while trying to help them.

However some people suffer such trauma that they are scared and act out of character such as head trauma and really bad cases of anciety who get so panicked they can't controll themselves.

Maybe every person that has to be transported via ambulance be secured to the bed for their safety.

I know it's easier said than done but while two ambulance officers or police are at the scene to assist it may be a little easier. - Sarah Vidler


Well.... if the violence to paramedics will continue maybe its for the best.

The EMS in the United States have to be armed. - Hollie Pleasance


Fantastic idea, perhaps some kind of restraints like hand cuffs or something for when potentially violent patients erupt in the back of the ambulance while in transport,.

This would be quite intimidating for a paramedic being in a confined space while travelling with a potential time bomb about to explode in the form of an aggressive casualty. - Daniel Wood


No its not (outrageous for paramedics to carry tasers)!

They do a wonderful job and don't deserve to be assaulted while doing it! - Jasmine Stewart


It has been shown again and again that jail time and penalties do not at as deterrents to 'heat of the moment' crimes or for those whose judgement is impaired by drugs/alcohol. - Rachel Leslie

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