Sign okayed for train site

AFTER months of deliberation, the Southern Downs Regional Council has at long last approved a design for the northern face of the Wallangarra Train sign.

And weren’t councillors happy about it.

Almost before Community Services director Tony Minuti finished telling councillors he was “pretty keen to get (the sign) done this financial year”, Cr Mally McMurtrie jumped in and immediately moved in line with the recommendation, to select option two.

There were audible groans when Deputy Mayor Peter Blundell then jumped in, telling councillors he had “some concerns” with the report.

“I’m really concerned with option two because in one of the photos the farthest of the sunflowers is facing left and I would really like to see it facing the same way as the others,” Cr Blundell said, with a solemn face.

“Having said that, I endorse option two.”

After other councillors realised he was joking Community Services Committee chairwoman Denise Ingram then called for one of her fellow councillors to vote on the motion.

“I’ve got a mover and a seconder ... you can comment at your own risk,” she said.

Council allocated $16,000 in the 2009/10 budget to redo the northern side of the Wallangarra Train Sign after the southern face was completed in the 2008/09 budget.

The signage company contracted to do the job has advised it can produce and install the skins of the new sign within a three-week turnaround once provided with the final approved artwork.

The decision is yet to be ratified at next week’s general meeting.

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