Single parents 'lose $37 a week' with budget cuts

SINGLE mothers who are juggling children and work on low incomes have urged a Senate inquiry not to be "misled" by the claims a new supplement payment will offset government budget cuts.

A submission from the National Council of Single Mothers and their Children was given to a Senate committee examining income inequality ahead of hearings in Melbourne on Thursday.

One of almost 50 submissions, the single mother's council has argued the Abbott government's first budget will only "further entrench hardship and increase income inequality for single-mother families".

"Particular concern centres on the proposal that seeks to limit Family Tax Benefit Part B," the submission reads.

"The committee must not be misled that the suggested 'Single Parent Supplement' can offset the harsh impact of this measure."

The council cited recent budget analysis finding that despite the creation of the $750 a year supplement, single parents with young children between six and 12 years old will still lose $37 a week.

Single parent families with a youngest child aged older than 12 years would, on the same analysis; stand to lose $58 a week, the council argued.

The council urged the committee not to accept cuts, in the context of single-mother families being "over-represented" in statistics of poverty, hardship, deprivation, violence and inequality.

The Senate inquiry is expected to report its findings to parliament later this year.


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