VIDEO, PHOTOS: Sir Tony ends historical tour on high note

SIR Tony Robinson wrapped up his historical tour of Toowoomba by showing off local knowledge about Toowoomba's most dreaded intersection.

Hundreds gathered around the Mothers' Memorial in Queens Park to be part of the famed actor, comedian and historian's final day of filming for his upcoming Tony Robinson's Tour of Duty television series on History Channel.

He was spared no measure of pomp and circumstance, making a grand arrival alongside blaring bagpipes and a mounted retinue.

"Thank you to the 11th Light Horse and the Toowoomba Caledonian pipe band for giving me such a glorious entrance," he said. "When you're being led along by a load of blokes in skirts and a lot of howling bladders, men with bits of ostrich in their heads, you're absolutely safe."

Sir Tony, as he has been known since his knighthood last year, said he very nearly missed his appearance owing to confusion about the site's location.

"The Mothers' Memorial, I assumed, was at the intersection of Ruthven St and Margaret St - where the politicians had originally put it, where they promised it would always be and would never, ever, ever be moved.

"Although, to be frank, I'm really relieved that it's here rather than on that intersection.

"Think about it, if we tried to get all these people there, there would have been a massive traffic jam.

"Mind you, there's always a massive traffic jam there and, probably, no one would have noticed."

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